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I have always been a girl on the go. Whether its packing a bag for the gym, heading out for work, going to meet friends, making time for family or setting out to see the world; I'm always on the move. But for a girl who's always moving, I HATE packing! So it's no surprise, with each step I take there always seems to be a bit of comedy. My bag breaks, I leave my luggage at the airport, I forget to pack that "needed" item, I miss my flight, the stories go on. When I started to share these stories with my friends, they told me I couldn't keep this to myself.

With all that is going on in the world today, lots of layoffs and sadness from the Corona Virus, I decided to take a leap. My first leap to believe in myself. With nothing to lose (but maybe some pride), I decided to do something so scary for me and opening myself up.  


This photo was taken after writing my first ever blog! It took be two weeks but finally done!

Since none of us can travel right now and I know we are all a bit stir crazy; some of us are dreaming of the next trip we will make, while others of us may have been hit so hard we can only imagine the thought. I hope by sharing these stories, I create a bit of excitement, break out some laughs, and provide a few tips so you don't end up like me; labelled as "the bag lady".

Most importantly I hope my decision to take this leap can help to inspire anyone out there whom also is nervous to take their leap. I hope to build a new community that can help, inspire and support one another to believe in themselves and follow their dreams!


I'd love to hear from you, reach me at:

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