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Visit Sturtevant Falls, Best Family Friendly Hike / Waterfalls in Los Angeles

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

What You Need To Know About Sturtevant Falls - Hike a 60ft Waterfall

Plus my BONUS recommendations how to prepare for this waterfall adventure

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Looking for an escape into nature the whole family can enjoy?

Discover an incredibly scenic and simple to hike that will lead you right to a stunning 60 foot Waterfall.

This hike is short and easy, which makes it a great option for kids. Most importantly, they can cool off and play in the water right below the waterfall. Since the water is pretty shallow and surrounded by rocks and even a dirt beach, you can relax along side as the kids splash around!

And you don't need kids to enjoy, I went with two of my girlfriends and we had an amazing time dipping in the falls and relaxing between hikes there and back.

Top 5 Things You Need to Know about Sturtevant Falls

1. Where is it?

  • Located in the San Gabriel Mountains at: Chantry Flat Rd, Arcadia, CA 91006

  • The entry to this hike to Sturtevant Falls is about a 45 min drive outside Mid-city Los Angeles, CA.

  • To get there take the 210, to the Santa Anita Avenue exit on Arcadia and then follow the windy road to Chantry Flats.

  • This is where you can park.

This is one of the best waterfalls I have seen in LA, only a short drive followed by a simple hike to get there.

2. Need to Know

  • You'll need to buy an Adventure Pass to park at Chantry Flats. I recommend getting this because they monitor the parking and there are only very few spots aside the mountain drive that do not require pass parking.

  • You can pick up a day pass for $5 or buy an annual pass for $30.

  • To purchase a pass, visit any of the any of stores listed, here.

  • On the weekends, you can buy a pass at the Adam's Pack Station at Chantry Flat when you get there.

3. Details

  • In addition to parking, Chantry Flats has restrooms and drinking fountains available to use before and after your hike.

  • Pets are allowed on this trail but they are required to be leased.

  • Phone service is sparing atop the mountain, and you will likely lose full service along the hike.

  • The hike to Sturtevant Falls rather short at about 3.2 miles for the round trip.

  • Depending on how long you spend at the falls, the total trip will take about 2-3 hours.

  • Different from other hikes, you start at the top of the mountain and hike down. Therefore, the hike back is more challenging as you will start the uphill climb on your return.

  • The hike is rather easy though, with an elevation change of only around 300ft. Also, most of the trail is paved, or distinctly lined by a dirt path.

  • There are a few time where you will walk over a creek by hopping over logs and rocks.

  • Depending on the time of the day, the paved portion of the path can get a lot of sunlight however once you get into the trail below it is very shaded.

4. Trail Description

  • The trail includes many picturesque spots, starting with the very beautiful outlook over valley at out to the neighboring hills and mountains.

  • Because this trail breaks off to two waterfalls, Sturtevant Falls and Hermit Falls (which we need not go to on this trip) there are creeks flowing along the trail which you will walk over or along side.

  • There is a cute footbridge that takes you into the canyon and is a great place to stop for a photo because includes a large damn as the backdrop, which runs into the creek which flows below the bridge and is surrounded lots of greenery.

  • You will walk along side or over this creek for most of the hike. The sounds of nature and the water flowing is very peaceful.

  • The greenery of this trail continues as you walk through Fern Lodge Junction know as Fiddler's crossing and continue down the path towards the falls.

  • You'll notice some cabins along the trail, called Robert's Camp. These are older historical cabins, some of which are still used today.

5. The Falls

  • Finally after about a 1.5 mile hike, you will reach a dead end to the most beautiful point where you will discover the 60ft waterfall!

  • This is one of the most beautiful waterfalls I have seen because the fall is so tall and when the sunlight comes in can reflect incredible rainbow lights.

  • The water is chilly but is it very refreshing.

  • It is not deep, only about waist height for an average sized adult.

  • The cliff and falls are surrounded by rocks and areas where you can sit and enjoy the scenery.


Before you go, remember the following:

  • A Hike for all ages - This a hike that all ages can enjoy! The mostly paved cement and dirt paths make it easy to navigate, plus its not too long.

  • Pack Water - This is a reverse hike, meaning the incline will come at the end, pack some water to stay hydrated.

  • Wear Sunscreen - Even though the trail is shaded most of the way, there are areas where you might get a lot of sun. To be safe make sure your skin is protected.

  • Wear Bug Spray -This trail can get deep into the woods so there are quite a few bugs.

  • Bring a Towel - This waterfall includes a beautiful pool beneath the falls, on a hot day a quick deep or swim in the water is very refreshing!

  • Look out for a Hidden Path - If you are looking for more excitement, about a quarter down the initial ramp paved path, there is a hidden dirt trail that will detour you to Hermit Falls!

What you will find at Hermit Falls.....

For more information on the details for this trail, visit the LA county trail site here.

So head out, be safe, have fun and enjoy all of California's beauty!!

Check out the full video, on YouTube Channel, here

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