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Cabo San Lucas, Mexico - What you Need to know

Here are the Top 6 Things you need to do in Cabo

Plus new post Coronavirus Tips

Looking forward to take a vacation post quarantine?

With Cabo San Lucas opening this June, find everything you need to know for booking, here.

Now that you know all the new changes in place for traveling to Cabo, let's talk about what I recommend.


1. Relax

It has been a stressful rough couple months. Take some time to enjoy a break. Relax in the sand or by the pool.

Two hotels I have stayed at which are nice, quiet, and relaxing are:

All are on the San Jose del Cabo side which is only about 20 minutes from SJD airport and about 30 minutes from Downtown Cabo San Lucas (near the Marina).

2. Take A Trip to s Lover Beach

Located at the tip of Cape San Lucas, on the Sea of Cortez side of Land’s End at Cabo San Lucas is one of the most iconic beautiful beaches, called Lover's Beach or Playa de los Amantes.

The best way to get there is by water taxi from the Marina. There are also water taxi's on the beaches in front of the hotels across from the Marina.

This beach is iconic because of it's soft sand that is surrounded by larger, towering rocks and

water on two sides. It is a beautiful sight with large waves that crash onto the beach from the Pacific side, making it very dangerous and not recommended to swim in.

On the bay side, however is much calmer water, where you can swim, kayak or even jump from some of the smaller rocks into the water.

3. See Some Sea Life

Take some time to check out beautiful creatures of the ocean. Depending on how adventurous you are, make sure you see some of the sea life. Whether it be jumping into the water to snorkel and swim with the fish, taking a boat ride out to chase dolphins, or whale watching (during the seasonal months of mid-December to mid-April), I definitely recommend any of these.

These are photos from our trip in Feb of the whales we saw from our boat.

4. Water Sports In the Bay

I love action, and the bay of Cabo San Lucas is the perfect setting for water sports. You feel a bit safer because you have land on three sides. Not to mention the whole time you have an amazing view of the Arch of Cabo!

We rented jetskis, partook in banana boat rafting and kayaked around the bay. The water was perfect for this!

The beach is filled with locals selling these adventures, so you won't have any trouble finding them. Just walk from your hotel to the beach and to be honest, they will find you.

They allow you to barter with them on pricing so don't accept the first offer, negotiate and you'll likely get a better price. Plus don't feel bad ( I always do) but they start higher in price because they know they will be negotiating.

5. Go out for Taco's and Mezcal

Cabo is known for finding good tacos and drinks. We found a place called La Lupita that has 2 locations one in San Jose del Cabos & the other in Cabo San Lucas.

Not only did this place have AMAZING food, the drinks were incredible and they had great live music! So you could spend a good amount of time here, eating, drinking and enjoying the night (outside under the stars), that's right the restaurant had an open roof giving it a cool fun Mexican Vibe.

They have so many variations of tacos; chicken, duck, beef, pork, lamb, veggie and every type of seafood you can think of. We tried a variation and we didn't have any we didn't like, however I suggest trying these:

  • mediterranean octopus taco (middle taco)

  • cheese shell taco (right taco)

Also make sure to try some of the ceviche.

And for drinks, the place is called La Lapita, taco & mezcal for a reason. The have pretty much any mezcal you can think of. I love mezcal so this was heaven for me. If you like mezcal, I definitely recommend trying any drink with their recommend mezcal. I had a mezcal margarita which seems pretty basic but with the mezcal it adds a rich smoke taste!

6. Head out Downtown

Now that you've had a drink, lets head downtown toward the marina for some dancing! Many of the bars are near, Lázaro Cárdenas so if you start there you can walk around and hop in one place to the next.

Cabo bars are all ages, young and old come together to dance, and have fun!

So, now you've got all the tips on what to do in Los Cabo, enjoy and have fun.

For more details on the new traveling guidelines for Los Cabos, including opening plans, please see: Everything you Need to know about the tourism restriction lifts for Cabo San Lucas

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