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Justice of All Means We Must Create Equality For All Black Lives

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

America, Humanity, it is time for change.

We Must Do Better - #blacklivesmatter

While I find this to be one of the hardest subjects I have written on; uncomfortable with fear that I message will not deliver how that I hope, I believe my silence on this is more detrimental and would go against all that I believe as well as my main purpose in creating Undeavors.

My dream for Undeavors has been to help to end racial prejudices by bringing awareness and acceptance to cultures which are different from our own.

In my journey through life, first moving to LA, I became exposed to many cultures while living in Michigan I was not fortunate enough to meet. These interactions helped me learn and develop greater appreciation for America and the many cultures it brings together. In addition, my love for travel, especially internationally, led me to visit new regions and allowed me to interact with, learn from and participate in many traditions which make other cultures unique and special.

Through these journeys I developed a stronger love for the differences, the history and the backgrounds that make up other cultures.

My goal was to share these stories of the learnings which I had gained through these experiences with others whom might not yet have had an opportunity to embrace with backgrounds from other cultures.

I created Undeavors to showcase these stories and all the beauty that exists across every culture. I hoped by sharing these stories, I could help to establish a deeper appreciation for people of different backgrounds and to ultimately begin to breakdown the unconscious bias's I believe so many instill due to a lack of knowledge / understanding of another's culture.

"Before you begin to judge another, learn about their journey."

Yet, as I started to build this platform, I realized there is still so much we as white Americans must learn and work to understand about the history and backgrounds of black Americans.

Over the last few years and especially in this last month, I have learned so much about black American history (and frankly black global history) that I am outraged and disgusted about. I am sadden and disappointed that I had not known more, that had not done more and yet I am just learning! I cannot imagine the pain and suffering our black community has endured and been forced to silence for centuries. So much of our history, including what still goes on today, has suppressed, criminalized and even killed people of color. Still yet most of these stories have been belittled, rewritten or even removed from the teachings and education of our history.

This must stop, we must listen, we need to extend our hands and voice to fight for equality of black lives!

I am hopeful to see many races come together to stand up, who want to learn, whom want to break the silence, and whom are willing to fight for true equality and justice of black lives! Yet we must not give up and we need more help!

I cannot believe it has taken so long that only this year and today, we are finally seeing movements which ban the usage of the confederate flag and which celebrate the our country's true date of independence. And still there is so much more we need to continue to fight for to end the discriminations and mistreatments black lives face!

I am happy to see changes finally being made to help with this movement, however we must not give up, we must still learn, we must still listen, we must continue to come together to break the silence, to continue the fight, to stand up for equal rights so that all lives, which means black lives can finally receive the same justices, fairness and freedoms of all!

We ALL must come together to fight for rights, justice & equality of black lives!

You have now seen the violence, the policing, the incarceration, the suppression, the

inequality that one race endures.

So I ask my non-black community....

If you believe that all lives matter, then today stop fighting back when you hear "black lives matter".

If you take the time to listen, you can not deny for all lives truly feel as if they matter, we as individuals, we as a country and as a world have to recognize the inequality and fight that black lives matter in the same way your life matters!

Please stop turning your head because you don't understand!

"If you say all lives matter, you have missed the message. For all lives to matter, we need to take care of and treat black lives better! Black Lives NEED to Matter!

I will leave you will this, on this day today June 19th, 2020; our country has celebrated the independence of our nation as of July 4,1776, yet on this day not all Americans were free. It wasn't until almost 100 years later this day, June19th, 1865; that an executive order was placed to finally set all the enslaved / black lives free.

So why is it that we "all" of America celebrates our independence on July 4th, however "black lives" were not independent/free until almost 100 years later on June 19th?

If we as a nation can celebrate our independence from England, why does our nation not celebrate the independence of our black people?

Thank you for reading. I hope this message can open even just one eye to see that we have done a VERY bad job at showing our black community that their lives matter! I hope this leaves you with a bit of understanding of why the black community needs our help. I hope this can touch you to learn more, to think before you judge, to lend a helping hand to push the systems to END black inequalities, to STOP black discrimination and to fight for a world where black lives can finally be equal!

#blacklivesmatter #makejuneteethanationalholiday #juneteeth

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