Solstice Canyon - Spectacular Views, a bit of History and a Peaceful Waterfall.

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

What You Need To Know About Solstice Canyon - Hike this scenic & historic trail.

Plus my BONUS recommendations how to prepare for this waterfall adventure

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Looking for a hike that is not only gorgeous but includes some history?

Discover the unbelievable views and interesting ruins left along this trail, which includes a peaceful waterfall.

Depending on whether you make this whole trek of this trail or just want simple hike to the falls, this hike can go from simple to somewhat extreme.

There are two routes you can take:

  1. Solstice Canyon Trail - which is simple, flat and historic

  2. Rising Sun Trail - which is extreme, uphill and scenic

And if you want both just make the full trek like we did.

We started with the simple Solstice Canyon Trail which was mainly flat and led into the valley towards the waterfall. Along this trail you are in the sunlight for most of the trip surrounded by the Santa Monica Mountains. This path takes you through a woodsy area which includes a flowing creek fed into the peaceful falls. You can walk to the the historical landmarks; which includes the Keller House and The Roberts Ranch.

After approaching the waterfall, you can head up Rising Sun Trail to take in all the amazing views. Continuing onto this trail is a great workout, so prepare your booty for some work!

Below I have shared the Top 5 Things You Need to Know about Solstice Canyon

And before you head out, watch this video to see the adventure & learn more about the hike

Top 5 Things You Need to Know about Solstice Canyon

1. Where is it?

  • Located in the Santa Monica Mountains at: 3455 Solstice Canyon Rd, Malibu, CA 90265

  • The entry to this hike is off Corral Canyon Rd / Roberts Rd which turns into Solstice Canyon Rd.

  • Its about a 50 min drive from Mid-City Los Angeles.

  • There are a few parking lots inside the park.

**Note be careful driving in as there is a very narrow road (1 car lane wide) that cars can drive both ways down.**

This is hike includes one of the most beautiful views of the Santa Monica Mountains and Pacific Ocean!

2. Need to Know

  • This hike is so much more than just a hike; there are views, historical landmarks, a waterfall, and you can even get a great workout. (Read on below for more details about the history, the workout and views.)

  • The trail is in the middle of the mountains, where the fires hit last year so there are trees and areas where you can see the damage.

  • There is also a small creek which flows from the falls.

  • I mentioned there are 2 trails that can loop into one which in total is about 3.2 miles.

  • The climb can be intense. If you take on this challenge up you will get to an elevation of ~800 ft.

The Keller House

3. The Historical LandMarks

  • The Solstice Canyon Trail includes the ruins from a few major landmarks to Malibu such as the iconic Keller House or monumental Robert's Ranch.

  • The Keller House is noted as the first house in Malibu, built in 1865. This house or cabin was made of stone and tin.

  • In 2007 the Corral Fires destroyed most of this house, you can see the remains in the photo above.

  • You will also come to the the ruins of Robert's Ranch.

  • Robert's Ranch was the retirement home or "Tropical Terrace" built for Fred Roberts, a local grocery chain entrepreneur and his wife.

  • They began the build of this dream home oasis in the 1930's, when Fred purchased the land and later hired famous architect, Paul Revere Williams to design and build their mansion overlooking Solstice Canyon and Waterfall.

  • Paul Revere Williams, who also designed the Los Angeles Theme Building at Los Angeles International Airpot, was the first African American member of the American Institute of Architects.

  • Williams began his work on this home in 1952, using flame resistant materials. But unfortunately, the fire prone location was taken over and the home burnt down in 1982.

  • The ruins left today still stand (as seen in the photo to the right) and many still come to see on their visit to Solstice Canyon.

Remains of Robert's Ranch

4. The Falls

  • Along side the remains of The Robert's Ranch runs the peaceful Solstice Falls which flows into a creek that lines the side of the house.

  • There you can take a stone built staircase along this creek up to the top of Solstice Falls.